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The Best B2B Marketing Strategies

I like to talk a big game and pretend that Human Capital Management vendors have slick and sophisticated digital media strategies that are tied into amazing social networking sites.

In truth, most B2B companies are still figuring this shit out.

Social media marketing is still such a foreign concept for people who don’t sell the sexy stuff and don’t live in the cloud.

Twitter? Facebook? LinkedIn? Dynamic content? Masterful and compelling display advertising? Hold on while I run my business and get my kids to soccer practice. And can you give me two sentences and tell me the ROI of LinkedIn?

You shouldn’t put all of your eggs into one social media basket; however, it’s time to create a compelling B2B marketing strategy that doesn’t send people into a coma.

Lizzie wrote a badass white paper on great B2B marketing strategies. Take a look and share it with your friends.

You have to start somewhere. Start right here.

PS — Give Lizzie a shout if you want to talk about your social media or traditional marketing campaigns. She’s a smart cookie.