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Things Are About to Get All Different Around Here

IMG_8620TSC HQ is not like most offices. We don’t have cubicles or individual offices. We have a cocktail cart and beer in the fridge. Our current office is in a former candy factory on Magnolia Ave., nestled among a cavalcade of restaurants, coffee shops, and a neighborhood of historic bungalows.

But soon, all of that is going to change.

Except the part about the beer in the fridge.

In a month, we’ll be moving to our new building. The new TSC HQ will be on a new street, with new neighbors, in completely renovated, custom-designed office that will be unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. This will be a workspace that was designed especially for us, and we’re pretty sure you’re going to be amazed. There won’t be any beige walls or soul-suckingly dull conference rooms here — just killer workspaces and, of course, a bar.

Later this week, we’ll have a sneak peek of the progress at our new HQ so far. Bit by bit over the last three months, we’ve transformed this building from a former sketchy night club into a swanky marketing firm. And later this month, we’ll have even more building updates. Soon we’ll be packing our bags (somebody’s gotta move all this stuff — and where’s that foosball table going to go, anyway?) and starting a new chapter in TSC history.

Things are going to be changing around here fast, and we couldn’t be more excited. Keep checking back this week and throughout the month for exclusive peeks at our new digs.