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When Your Employer’s As Into Rocking Out As You Are

TDM-GoGirlsNot long ago, we wrote about how great it is working for a company loves all the things you love. I experienced that warm, fuzzy feeling recently when my band, The Diabolical Machines, was chosen to play in the Invasion of the GoGirls showcase during SXSW.

When I first found out we’d been selected, my boss announced it in the huddle, and I got to take off work last Friday even though it meant closing the Quality Control department for a day — we prepared and people worked ahead so there wouldn’t be too much a bottleneck while I was out.

This was my first trip to SXSW, and I wasn’t prepared at all for the deluge of humanity that would be in Austin — but it was a blast. I definitely have a better plan of attack for the next time we go. Our set went well, and we discovered some new kick-ass bands like The Potential Lunatics, The Pinz, and The Dollyrots.

The Starr Conspiracy takes a genuine interest in its agents’ passions and interests, and that’s just one of many reasons that we’ve won so many Best Places to Work awards. It’s not every day your band gets to go to SXSW, and it’s not every day you have the entire company you work for supporting your crazy little endeavors.

Photo by GoGirls Music.