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Top-secret Intel: A Sneak Peek Into TSC’s New HQ


What was once a notorious nightclub is quickly being transformed into TSC’s new headquarters.

As you can see, other than some garish paint and that lovely “Sweet Racks” sign on the wall in the lobby, all the remains of the old nightclub have been cleared away. Now new walls are being framed, and we are making some serious progress. Construction started last month and has been clipping along at breakneck speed ever since. Soon, the interior will be unrecognizable to anyone who saw it before we got a hold of it. And we can’t wait to finally move in and make the place our own.

When we do move in later this spring, we will be joining other pioneering businesses on South Main, such as Stir Crazy Baked Goods, Amphibian Stage Productions, Thumbtechs, The Salon Upstairs, and J.O. Design. While others are waiting for something to happen on South Main before making their move, we’re making things happen. It’s what we do.