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Time Won’t Give Me Time — How Most Workers Are Wasting Theirs

At The Starr Conspiracy, we stay busy. Really busy. In the words of the great, wise Boy George, “Time won’t give me time.” There ain’t no time to waste time around this office. And that’s a good thing.

So when I see stats that the average worker admits to frittering away three hours of an eight-hour workday, I’m basically like, “How is that even possible?”

Then I remember what a work desert Corporate America can be sometimes — where you can have long stretches of absolutely nothing to do. Or how easy it is to disappear in a cubicle and post pictures of your cat on Facebook all day without anyone noticing.

I’m glad my Corporate America days are behind me. At TSC, everyone wants to be the best at what they do — and when you’re trying to be the best, there’s not room in your day to waste time on Facebook or YouTube. At least not three hours every day.

So I’m going to go back to work, but if you’re stuck in a work desert or are into procrastination, here’s an infographic from Good Feed that will show you all the glorious ways you’re wasting your time.

Now get back to work.