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Three Annoying Things You Do On Twitter

There are 7 million annoying things you could be doing on Twitter. Chances are you’re doing three of them.

You should probably stop.

The first annoying thing you do? You are willing to follow anyone, desperately hoping they’ll follow you back. You are a numbers whore, and you bank on reciprocity to inflate your ego. That’s a bad move. When I look at the people you’re following, I judge the quality of your company. And I judge you. Don’t follow just anyone. Be more strategic.

The second annoying thing you do?
You set up auto DMs and thank me for following you or ask me to retweet your posts. Baby, I love you. Why do you treat me like a piece of dirt? Am I just another girl to you? Show me some personalized love. The auto DM below is garbage.

The third annoying thing you do? You run a legitimate B2B Twitter account like a robot. You don’t personalize your tweets. You talk about yourself like it matters. You try to be helpful, but you are rarely engaging. You never say hi.

My advice to you?

It is possible to run a compelling and informative B2B Twitter account while being engaging and interesting. Try it.

Your employees can represent your brand and be professional while at the same time being human. Encourage it.

Yes, your social media staff might need training. They might need guidance. They might make mistakes. Be willing to forgive them.

Nothing good is ever easy, and nobody is impressed by your inflated Twitter numbers, automated internal processes and vanilla content. Your audience isn’t impressed by your annoying corporate Twitter practices.

Step up your Twitter game and you will see real results.

I promise.