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Confidential Brief: The Week in Links

HR and Social Media: Beyond Recruiting on HREOnline discusses how recruiting opened the door for HR in social media. Recruiters are now in a unique position to use their social media knowledge to improve collaboration, communication and knowledge management for their organizations.

Steve Boese wants to know if social networking is a prerequisite for success in his post Networking and Numbers – Does Size Really Matter?

In her post #Consumerization, #Gamification and #Mechugasification, Naomi Bloom says, “Just because something is possible, that doesn’t make it a good idea.”

Read more about the release of LinkedIn’s new talent pipeline management tool on

We’ve been called a grammatically influenced Conspiracy by Read the interview to learn more about what we do (but shh, it’s a secret).

Image: A Review of Performance Reviews infographic on Get Maksimized