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Waffle House: Perfect Coffee and Perfect Job Application Form

There’s a lot to love about Waffle House. The employees work hard. The food is hot and fast. Although we’d never write a love poem to Waffle house, the job application is pretty fabulous.

Have a look at the mini application.

waffle house job application

The first page tells you why it’s great to be part of the team. Some people throw out terms like employee value proposition and employer branding. We call it smart.

The second page asks you when you can work. The assumption is that you’re already interested and qualified.

How nice is that?

Yes, there are some screening questions about drugs, women and hard liquor. Just kidding. They ask some basic questions about the applicant’s eligibility to work. That’s it.

Now Glassdoor has complaints from applicants who didn’t like the interview process. Hm. We don’t know anyone on the inside of the Waffle House HR organization; however, we do know that the job application form itself gets the job done better than yours.

  • Waffle House communicates its employer brand.
  • They assume good intent from their candidates.
  • They ask the right questions to get the ball rolling.

Nobody is engaged in the war for talent. No one is on a hunt for the elusive “perfect” candidate. The goal is to get people to work. We love it.

And it’s funny how a fancy, cloud-based ATS can learn a little something from a mini paper application.

Now let’s all dig into our light biscuit plate — scattered well with a side of grits. And we take cream in our coffee.

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