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Planning to Fail at SHRM12?

Fellow Procrastinators:

Today is April 24.

On June 24, the curtain will rise at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta for the SHRM 64th Annual Conference and Exposition.

So if you want The Starr Conspiracy to help you nail your SHRM event marketing strategy, you’d better email us within the next two weeks.

Within minutes of opening in Atlanta, the expo floor will be flooded with everyone from swag hoarders and tire kickers to HR high rollers with well-defined evaluation plans and budget to spend.

That’s roughly eight weeks from now — 40 working days for those of us who aren’t taking Memorial Day off. Before you know it, SHRM will be here. We hope you have a plan to close some big deals.

Are you planning to fail at SHRM? Because if you’re failing to plan … you’re planning to fail (thanks, Coach Nuñez). Trite, right? That may be, but it’s true. And if you haven’t already started planning, you’re behind.

The Starr Conspiracy can still help you out. But please contact us now.

Email us, like, yesterday.

We’re writing this email as a personal plea. Please do not call us in the middle of May or at the first of June asking us to help you with your SHRM strategy. We can’t do a good job for you in that short amount of time. (Don’t get us started on fast, easy and cheap. We aren’t a massage parlor in Bangkok.)

If you call us too late, we’re just going to say no. And then you’ll get mad at us and tell everyone we suck. And we can live with that, but we’d rather not.

Please allow us to be bold: Everyone knows that The Starr Conspiracy is behind the most successful event strategies, campaigns and experiences at every show in the Human Capital Management market segment, year in and year out. If you were at our HR Tech party in October, then you know what we’re talking about.

We’re good at events because we get what’s important — results. Here are a few of our non-negotiable elements for a successful event:

  • A big-idea concept, executed across every marketing channel, that engages prospects in a human way
  • An aggressive pre-event campaign that attracts qualified prospects early
  • An explosive event presence that draws people in and keeps them talking about you for years
  • Methodic follow-up after the event to convert all of your hard work into opportunities and sales

The worst thing you can do is lie to yourself after the event about whether or not it succeeded. It did not succeed unless you stuffed your pipeline full of qualified leads, unless those leads turn into revenue, and unless you moved the needle on brand recognition and recall (yes, we can measure those).

Also, keep in mind that events are the only time that prospects are able to compare a physical manifestation of your company’s brand against those of your competitors. If your booth is lame and your competitor’s is awesome, that sends a powerfully unflattering message, even if your products or services are better. To your prospects, perception is reality.

We’d love to help you create your best SHRM experience ever. But you need to contact us before May 7. We will not begin working on new SHRM strategies after that date.

Happy Planning,
The Starr Conspiracy

P.S. Email us at within the next two weeks if you would like to discuss our strategic event marketing services.