Now’s the time to nut up and get creative

With everything that’s happened this year, we’re finally seeing brands embrace their human side. Work tech — the platform for the people — is becoming more and more people-oriented in their branding. “My advice to work tech is that if you were ever going to nut up and just be unapologetically unique, now is the […]

Crisis marketing: A conversation with Gene Pease

How do you market in a global crisis? Bret wanted to find the answer to that question, so he called up Gene Pease. Gene is the founder of Mighty You, a new performance management solution. However, earlier in the 2000s, he was the founder of a company called Vestrics that ultimately sold to Ultimate Sofware. […]

Creating a new category ain’t easy.

We consult with a lot of businesses who think they’re creating new categories with their product. That’s true once every thousand brands we talk to. In short, it’s hella expensive to educate the market well enough on what it is you do. However, if you do want to take the leap, this Medium article makes […]