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Crisis marketing: A conversation with Gene Pease

How do you market in a global crisis? Bret wanted to find the answer to that question, so he called up Gene Pease.

Gene is the founder of Mighty You, a new performance management solution. However, earlier in the 2000s, he was the founder of a company called Vestrics that ultimately sold to Ultimate Sofware.

But at the time, Vestrics needed to grow significantly through the Great Financial Crisis of 2008–09 (GFC).

Gene knew he needed to build a polished brand and accelerate his marketing efforts — but that takes money. During a global recession, convincing investors to give you more money to spend on marketing ain’t easy.

How did Gene do it?

Watch the video above to hear the highlights from Bret’s conversation on crisis marketing.

(Disclaimer: He hired The Starr Conspiracy, but the story is super fascinating.)