Marketing in a crisis

In extraordinary times, extraordinary measures force a change in the rules of the game. We saw the “three pillars” of society — the state, markets, and communities — work together to tackle the coronavirus, and it made me wonder how much more they could tackle if they worked together more often.

How to social media

Let’s talk about a tricky subject: social media. Do you post? How? About what? When? Lots of questions for Work Tech leaders here. Essentially, social media is best for creating conversations with your customers and the broader market. Yet in the age of “context collapse,” it can be hard to know what to say or how to say it. Let’s start with the basics. For everything else, come talk to us.

Join Ocho’s Book Club: Buy a Book. Help a Kid.

In this month of Thanksgiving, I believe that we all have learned a lesson this year in the importance of gratitude. I know I have. Let’s all be grateful for the blessings we have. We’re grateful to say that The Starr Conspiracy is surviving and thriving.

Contributing to the community

Creating impact in our community is a big responsibility. It’s something that a lot of people strive towards and it’s not always easy. The Starr Conspiracy has been working with a local elementary school for quite a few years to provide mentoring, tutoring, financial aid, and other support.