Why no one can explain the value of PR …

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Why no one can explain the value of PR and how PR can change your marketing destiny. What I’m about to say is going to piss off a lot of my public relations colleagues…

Work Tech’s Love-ortunity

3 love-ortunities that every organization has to improve wellbeing, enhance culture, and help your organization be more successful.

The Starr Conspiracy Partners With 12 Geniuses Podcast

FORT WORTH, Texas and SAN FRANCISCO — (June 9, 2022) — The Starr Conspiracy, a B2B marketing agency focused on companies creating the future of work, today announced its upcoming sponsorship of 12 Geniuses — a podcast for curious and voracious learners that is hosted by Don MacPherson, an experienced Work Tech founder and five-time […]

Studio Reviews: …And Just Like That

This week the pirates are talking about the Sex and The City reboot …And Just Like That. We don’t have a lot of positive things to say about it. No one asked our opinions but we definitely have some we’re going to share.

Slow and asynchronous is the way.

Work and workers are growing more fragmented. We’re scattered to the hinterlands, demanding when, where, and how we want to work. So, the way we work needs to change too. Two ways we can change the way we work is to slow down and asynchronize our communication. Here’s what I mean.

Studio Reviews : Bo Burnham: Inside

Ratchet Reviews is back! And this time we’re discussing Bo Burnham’s triumphant (maybe?) return to comedy specials, Inside. After a hiatus from comedy, Bo is back with his signature wit and musical talent taking us all through the highs and lows of quarantine emotions.

The $4 billion press conference

What do you get when you take a soccer superstar, a couple of Coke bottles, and add some media spin? An estimated $4 billion drop in Coca-Cola’s market value.

SurveyMonkey becomes Momentive

Big news in the experience management category as SurveyMonkey becomes Momentive. Utilizing their own technologies, the brand surveyed over 22,000 people in seven countries before eventually making the move.

Vlog: Branding trends we see in Work Tech


A few weeks ago we launched our latest Brandscape on talent and learning categories coming together. Bailey led the creative and visual design insights in the report, so she gave us a tour inside her brain.

Casa Amor | Studio Reviews

This week in Studio Reviews we’re chatting Casa Amor from Love Island US. It’s the most drama, skin, jaw-dropping filled challenge for the islanders yet. Join us as we discuss all of the tea from Lauren’s angst-filled joining and leaving of the island to Johnny’s extremely questionable actions at Casa Amor. What are your thoughts […]

Love Island US | Studio Reviews

This week on Rachet Reviews we’re talking about the first week of Love Island in Vegas. There’s a lot to digest after a. crazy week of getting to know the cast. Who are you rooting for? What did you think of the drama that unfolded? Join us as we talk through our thoughts on everything […]

Well-being: Work tech’s next big market

There is a major story in work tech right now: Well-being is going to be yuge. Why? That’s what Bret wanted to find out. He sat down with Vic Strecher and Eric Zimmerman of Kumanu, a well-being company focused on performance, to understand the big drivers behind this category. Eric argues that since religion and […]

Ratchet Reviews Ep. 1

Four of The Starr Conspiracy agents bonded over a love of trashy television and movies. We thought making a review show would be fun for us and also a great break from all of the craziness going on in the world. Join us in our first video as we dissect the nuances of Netflix’s The […]