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Continue Your Event Marketing After-party


As you wind down from your event, trade show, or open house, think about the after-party. Now, you don’t have to book another restaurant or rent a party limo for after-hours fun. This kind of after-party is the event follow-up that keeps people talking about you and talking to you. Make your event marketing more effective by:

Having your after-party plan in place. Ideally, you already worked this out before you headed off to your event, but we know managing booths and handouts can be time-consuming. Identify all the moving parts in your follow-up plan — that includes making sure you know what coding you want to use for leads in your CRM, as well as which asset you’ll send to your email list.

Setting a timeline for your activities. Are you sending an email 48 hours after the event? Asking for sales to follow up within a week? Get a timeline sorted out and identify the responsible parties for each activity. This will prevent leads from getting dropped in the handoff.

Sharing all the fun. In many cases, your reps had great conversations at the event and might have even learned a thing or two. Share insights gleaned from speakers or panelists. Include some photos from the event so you can add context and color. Lastly, make sure you invite them to see you at your next event.

Planning your after-party marketing will make sure you’re not stuck cleaning up a mess. By executing on an already established strategy, you’ll be able to measure event success and hopefully even close a few deals.

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