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You’re Doing It Wrong: The Content Marketing Life Cycle

content life cycleStudies say 90 percent of B2B marketers use content marketing. I’m guessing we don’t need to start at square one. You’re using content marketing. You’re just doing it wrong.

You probably have a library full of white papers and recorded webinars. You probably have a blog that gets updated pretty regularly. Statistically, you are using social media. But most marketers just haven’t figured out how to make the wheels turn together.

White papers and webinars are created by the content arm in charge of thought leadership. Infographics come to life in your creative department. Blog posts and social media activity might be managed by the social media team.

If it takes your team a couple of weeks (or months, in some cases) to put together a killer white paper and then you put it up in your digital library and call it a day, then you’re not getting the most out of the research, positioning and messaging it takes to put together a great piece of content.

Instead, think of ways to reimagine that content — become a chop shop in a way — a white paper can be broken up into smaller blog posts, you can interview the author and contributors about the topic on video, ask your social audiences for their relevant tips and create content from their answers.

Your team can be a content marketing machine. We’ll be talking about content marketing every day this week going through how to choose the right types of content to create, when it’s time to curate instead of create, and how to measure your content marketing initiatives.

Because content marketing shouldn’t be this hard.

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