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The Content Marketing Mix: What Elements Belong In Your Marketing Strategy? [Infographic]

Content marketing infographic

We get it. Whether you’re a one-person marketing powerhouse or a member of a large team, managing strategy, execution and promotion of your content marketing strategy can be overwhelming. We feel your pain.

There are a flobbity jillion digital and traditional tactics you could choose to make up your content marketing mix and marketers are getting more creative with content repurposing every day.

It takes time to make great content. You’ve got curation and research time, copywriting, copyediting, copywriting again, copyediting again, creative development, then promotion for each piece of content you create.

That’s a lot — those getting it right are outnumbered by those who haven’t found the special sauce for content marketing yet. They can’t find the inertia of content marketing mecca. That’s what we’re here to help with.

Using different types of content to answer your target market’s questions at all stages of the Active Path (or sales funnel) will help you find that special sauce for content marketing. ROI, they call it. Results.

Make the most of your content marketing initiatives. Be the smart, efficient marketer we know you can be.

Or give us a call. We’ll do the heavy lifting.