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Four Ways to Add Some Pop to Content Marketing #InfluenceHR

At The Starr Conspiracy, we’re no strangers to content marketing. While we do a lot of work for our clients, it also means treating ourselves like we would our clients. That’s why we produce and give away more content for HCM marketers than anyone else.

We’re always looking for new ways to add some sizzle to what we recommend for ourselves and our clients. Here’s some tips we think about when you want to take your efforts beyond white papers and blog posts.

1. Zig when others zag

It’s easy to look in your industry vertical and see what others are doing and try to emulate it. Maybe one provider is doing an excellent job of infusing some pop culture and current events into their content marketing efforts.

Even a Kardashian sister knows you’ve got to be yourself though. Find another way to communicate your value that’s true to your organization and different than what other organizations are doing.

2. Take full advantage of your platform

If you’re like most organizations, you’re probably hosting most of your content online. And, if you’re like most organizations, you probably have translated traditionally printed pieces to the web as is.

There’s no problem hosting a white paper as is. After all, you’ve done the work already. But repurposing that content into an interactive infographic, or two minute animated video is one way to both maximize your content and your technology.

3. Don’t forget the power of tangible goods

It’s easy for me to say stay in the digital-only realm. That’s where I spend my time and where I consume most of my media. But, especially for the right audience, something tangible can add a boost to something that may have been meh in an online-only world.

One company that sent me some collateral professionally printed and bound a short book, and sent me it with some sticky notes pointing out a couple sections or quotes I may like.

I read those sections and a few others, but I’ve got to admit I wouldn’t have done that much if it had come via email.

4. Personalize the message

One of the greatest, untapped pieces of content marketing gold is the data we collect about users when they download or access content. We get bombarded with untargeted (or very broad) marketing all day: online, on TV, and in print.

Put the data you collect to use by putting the most relevant content in front of your users. There may be some setup effort and costs but higher click thru rates and more satisfied users is at the end of the road.

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