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Friday Roundup: Big Data and Customer Advocacy

It’s been a big week here at The Starr Conspiracy. Aside from launching The Starr Conspiracy Tech Unit website and a partnership with Influitive (see below), we had myriad new initiatives internally that are changing the way we work. 

Every week, we share the weekly posts from The Starr Conspiracy blog and several posts from around the web that are definitely worth your time. 

Is Apple Losing Its Creative Mojo? — In a little over a month, Apple is set to release the iPhone 6. The circus has already come to town and you’re probably hearing the rumors about the new tech release, but a lot of people are wondering if Apple still has its mojo. Check out what Harvard Business Review has to say on the topic in this blog post. 

The Big Data Paradox — How is big data different from “regular” data, other than there being a ton of it? Does regular data become big data when there’s a bunch of it? No. Learn more about the paradox of big data and what it means for your business in this post from Inc. 

4 Must-read Advocate Marketing Resources — Customer advocacy is all the rage. Through digital, gamified hubs, brands are leveraging advocate marketing technology to give happy customers and brand fans a place to harness their energy into measurable brand interactions like referring new customers, social media shares, and contributing to testimonials and case studies. Learn more in this blog post. 

TSCTU-logoThe Starr Conspiracy Tech Unit Announces Partnership with Influitive — When we said we’re changing B2B marketing forever, we meant it. The Starr Conspiracy has big things in store this year — including the announcement and launch of The Starr Conspiracy Tech Unit and now — a partnership with advocate marketing experts Influitive. Learn more in this blog post.

5 Reasons to Launch Your Customer Advocacy Program in 2014 — It’s no secret that the way your buyers find and purchase from your business has changed in a fundamental way. Today, the technology buyer wants to learn about your software from a source they trust. You can see this in the rise of crowd-sourced review sites, social media, and the consistent effectiveness of word of mouth. Learn why this is the year to start your advocate marketing program in this blog post.

Enjoy your weekend!