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Have You Seen the Agenda for #InfluenceHR? Don’t Miss Out On This Content

You’ve probably heard that InfluenceHR isn’t your typical HR or marketing conference. Instead, this is a symposium like no other — where HCM marketers just like you share behind the scenes of how they reach and engage the HR buyer.

ihr-vegasDon’t want to take our word for it? Check out some of the highlights from the agenda:

  • Keynote: The Challenger Sale: Motivate Buyers and Win Group Purchases — Brent Adamson
  • Keynote: Beyond the Campaign: How Innovative Marketers Harness Data to Drive Customer Engagement — Forrester Analyst Lori Wizdo
  • Sales Panel: The New HR Tech Sales Playbook — George LaRoque, Marc Maloy, Dave Clark, and Mike Hard
  • Marketing with Agile — Kristin Runyan
  • The Perfect Mashup: Successfully Blending Your Personal and Professional Brands — Rayanne Thorn
  • Relaunched: How a Successful Rebrand Transformed a Company’s Business and Culture — Gene Pease and Mia Heckendorf

And if that’s not enough, there will be panels of HR buyers, marketers and analysts, a session on getting big results from big data, and another on marketing to the SMB.

We’ll also be revealing the latest HR buyer research and the finalists of the InfluenceHR Marketing Awards. Don’t miss out — there’s still one week left to catch the Summer Discount. Check out the full agenda online and register now.