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All Fun and Games: The Skinny on Game-Based Learning

You’ve probably heard of casual learning. It’s this idea that learning can be enhanced by making it mobile-enabled; combining games, video, and other immersive experience to truly engage learners in bite-sized learning sessions. While some have called it a fad, the sophistication of these programs — even in their earlier stages — coupled with the number of companies implementing are beginning to show serious results.

Consider one example. A large, global hospitality company recently tested out a casual learning initiative. Especially in the hospitality industry, the customer experience is tied directly to the training of their staff — where one experience can shift hundreds of thousands of dollars in future spending.

The results of their casual learning test speak for themselves:

  • While participation was optional, 96 percent participated
  • 64 percent indicated they increased their skills or knowledge
  • 100 percent wanted to apply the platform to future learning initiatives
  • The average “fun rating” was 4.4 out of 5

Based on the results of the test, the company is expanding to other initiatives. An engaged, receptive audience that actually wanted to do more learning activities? We won’t say it’s impossible with a traditional e-learning system delivered through a learning management system but you have to admit that if you saw those usage numbers, you’d likely be elated.

Interested in learning more? Download the latest brief from The Starr Conspiracy Intelligence Unit on the casual learning segment.