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The One Reason Why Casual Learning Matters

The learning technology segment is due for a shake up. While learning technologies have automated key aspects of the learning value chain, for some organizations, automation isn’t enough. In order to keep up — or stay ahead — progressive companies are focused on getting personalized information into the hands of end users more quickly.

To that end, there is only one real reason why casual learning should matter for everyone:

Casual learning is engaging

Engagement is the important driver of success across all aspects of human capital management. When your learners are turned off or unengaged with your learning process, you can’t expect that to go well for anyone, right? End users don’t get the information they need and you don’t get the business results that are expected. 

While many people look at gamification as a fad or mobile learning as too limiting, they should instead be looking at the opportunities they hold. Not only do they hold the attention and engage learners, they can be deployed with greater velocity than traditional resources.

We see a future where casual learning becomes a critical part of the learning technology stack, becoming table stakes for the largest LMS vendors. While many organizations will simply supplement their existing learning content with casual learning elements, we’ve already seen that some organizations can rely very heavily on casual learning technology.

Engagement is king. That’s why we tell learning technology providers to avoid casual learning trends at their own risk. 

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