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5 Thoughtful Gifts To Get The HR Blogger In Your Life

Everyone in HR is blogging these days. And, being an HR blogger myself, I know that the perfect gifts aren’t always easy to think of. Usually, I end up getting things like candy, t-shirts, and whatever other random swag vendors happen to have laying around at the end of the year. I appreciate it, really. But, if you want to get an HR blogger something that they’ll actually keep, grab one of these fantastic gifts (my address is available upon request).

#1. Lap desk

41lTiD9uxTLHave you ever spent extended time with your laptop on your actual lap? It burns, yo. HR bloggers are busy people and they don’t spend a bunch of time in their home offices. They multitask and they may be sitting in their living room writing the next great post in the blogosphere while their kid watches TV. Stick with simple, straight-forward designs. Personally, I’m a fan of natural materials. Don’t go for this space age laptop cooling pad.

#2. Nice writing instrument

I still have pens I took from my first job that I end up writing down ideas or taking notes with. It’s great that a 20 cent Bic pen still works after a decade but my wrist hates me for spending any significant time with it. Get a nice, weighted pen that writes smoothly and consistently. If the blogger trends toward geeky, get a space pen from Fisher. Better yet, just go for a Cross. This one will do.

#3. Coffee mug

61wS0KxrEtL._SL1500_Not the swag mug that you hand out at shows. No, we’re talking a good coffee mug. If it is high quality enough, you can plaster your logo all over that thing and nobody will care. Go for either the nice travel variety or the kind you put in a cabinet to keep them fueled up and pumping out great content.

#4. Alcohol

You’ve been to HR conferences. You’ve seen these people drink. Get them a high quality bottle of alcohol that will help them get through the holidays. I’m a little biased so I always advocate for wine but good beer or distilled spirits always takes a spacial place in my heart. Check shipping rules because apparently some states and shipping services have a problem shipping bottles of Everclear.

#5. Great fiction

fifty-shades-of-greyWhen all you think and write about is HR, the last thing you want to do is read another book. That is, unless that book is something that has absolutely nothing to do with HR. I use Amazon’s recommendation engine for buying books my parents will like and I’m told that’s what works on me as well. Don’t fight it, just don’t do Fifty Shades of Grey.

Happy holidays and make sure to check expedited shipping!