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5 Reasons B2B Marketing Doesn’t Stop During the Holiday Season

We’re more than halfway through the month of December and you might have already slowed down your marketing activities for the year. Here are five good reasons to keep going strong through the year’s end.

No. 1: It’s not as slow as you might think

Every year, B2C companies send significantly more email around the holiday season. This Eloqua study (below) revealed a 28% jump in B2C email sends and a good-sized jump in B2C page views in Nov/Dec when compared to Aug/Sept of the same year.

b2b marketing

You might not have expected B2B companies to get some extra attention around the holidays as well. In the chart above, you can see B2B brands send fewer emails in Nov/Dec, but page views see a sizeable bump — a 13% increase in Nov/Dec compared to the rest of the year.

No. 2: Not everyone is out on vacation

I know it’s impossible to imagine a world where people celebrate different holidays or celebrate the same holidays in different ways, but there are plenty of people who either can’t or don’t take time off for the year end. You might even be able to catch your prospects with extra time available thanks to fewer meetings with so many out of office.

No. 3: Capture unused year-end budgets

If there’s extra budget to be had, you want to be the one who gets it. The end of the year can be a great time to capture those prospects who underspent in 2013.

No. 4: Take quieter competitors by storm

As we saw in the Eloqua study above, B2B marketers send fewer emails in November and December. You can use the quieter airspace to get an edge. With compelling content, a well-equipped sales team, and less noise, you might just be able to make a landgrab at the end of the year.

No. 5: Operation: Introspective prospects

The holiday season and the end of the year can make most of us slow down and think carefully about the year prior. Your prospects might be taking advantage of a quieter season for them to take stock in their successes and shortcomings from 2013. Maybe your products can ensure a better 2014 for them. You won’t know unless you’re trying to talk to them, will you?