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Constant Carnival (of HR)

vintage_carnivalIt was a big month here at The Starr Conspiracy. We’ve been conspiring. Like, big time.

We launched the HR Blogger Network this month, so, actually, most of us are all on the same page already together.

If you missed it, I won’t tell anyone. You can read up on it here, here and here on TechCrunch.

Thank you so much for all of your submissions! The posts were great in this roundup and I hope you dig through ’em all.

I am filling in for another host … and that is my veiled excuse for this week’s theme: Constant Carnival, in which I did not organize a theme.

We cool?

Off to the Carnival!

Queen of the Carnival Shauna Moerke has some advice about career fairs. My favorite? Remember, it is a social event, so you must talk to people. Oh, and don’t look like a bum.

Companies who do not offer training often find retention taking a swift turn for the crapper. HR Ringleader Trish McFarlane teaches you how to train your team on zero budget.

Rainmaker Chris Young asks the question, “Bad Boss or Bad Job Fit?” after yet another study analyzing the impact of bad bosses.

The need for teenagers to dress and act alike to seem unique inspired Steve Roesler to write “Be Unique and Thrive.” He wants you to respond to calls for innovation and be all around better at your job. C’mon!

Linda Fisher Thornton shares three free tools to assess your corporate ethics on Leading in Context. Hoo-ray! Let’s get ethical.

Ian Welsh discusses the recipe for success at work and age discrimination in the workplace on Are you “seasoned?”

Gireesh Sharma of G-Cube Solutions says e-learning can cut training times in half. He wants to continue the discussion/debate/brawl if you have an opinion on the topic!

Compensation Insider’s Sandrine Bardot wants to know if social performance management is coming out of the closet and finally accepting how we (especially team Gen Y) are using the Interwebz.

You guys. Tim Gardner gave Bailey, the Canine Resources (CR) Superstar (a.k.a. a freaking cute puppy) a performance review. And Bailey did terribly. Tim wants you (and Bailey) to learn the value of performance reviews.

Laura Schroeder discusses the role of marriage in careers through an example of a soccer team that offers to organize the weddings of its players who want to get married.

Welcome to the Occupation’s Paul Smith wants to know “Where’s the Employee Choice in the Engagement Equation?” Aside from being a great read, he gets bonus points for quoting Zoolander’s Mugatu: “Haappeeeyy!”

Naomi Bloom reflects on a long career by discussing the power of the network and remembering one of her earliest bosses.

What do you do about employees who just don’t care? Jennifer Miller of The People Equation says some people are just not invested. “It’s not their kid on the ball field.” Read the post for the tips.

If your vision only includes you, you need to expand your vision. Jesse Lyn Stoner wants you to include your community. “Strengthening your community makes you stronger.”

Baseball has a new social media policy! And it may be unlawful. Ooh! Scandal. Eric B. Meyer of The Employer Handbook has the dish on the new policy and which parts are legal and which are … not so much.

Stop slacking, ya quitter! Just kidding. Doug Shaw shares a story about risk, biking and quitting to break the widely believed rubbish: Winning is everything.

Dan McCarthy of Great Leadership gives you ten tips for shining in a talent review meeting, as well as the typical reasons for them.

Frequent turnover is the new “normal.” And it’s expensive. Paul Baribeau tells you how you can plug the leak and save the ship on TribeHR.

Ben Martinez breaks down his HR 4G Network Theory of Motivation of what motivates employees. (Psst. It’s older than Mac Plus).

Is influence on social media in a space like HR relevant? After SHRM India, Gautam Ghosh breaks down his thoughts on talent and social business.

Prasad Kurian discusses the importance of perspective in “What ‘Good’ Looks Like.”

John Hunter discusses new Reddit CEO Yishan Wong’s early articles on talent management and hiring in “Engineering Management Thoughts Based on Facebook Experience.

Consistent measurement can mean awesome things for HR. But does it earn a seat at the table? Jessica Miller-Merrell breaks down the difference between metrics and the big picture.

Recruiters have interview etiquette guidelines too. Insight Performance lists some of the common etiquette guidelines for candidates and flips them toward recruiters.

Some studies indicate up to 1/4 of your employee population is dealing with serious financial issues. If that doesn’t put employee financial wellness on your radar, then the ninja commissioned by Ben Eubanks will get you.

PHOTO: Vintage carnival strongman stands on a finger (print for sale on Etsy).