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#InfluenceHR Insight: What Successful B2B Marketers Are Leading With

brent-adamson-2Brent Adamson, managing director of executive advisory services at CEB and co-author of The Challenger Sale, has spent more than 30 years working with tens of thousands of B2B sales and marketing professionals all over the world to redefine what good looks like when it comes to commercial excellence. So when he says we have to engage customers differently in marketing and sales, we better listen.

Adamson is one of our keynotes for InfluenceHR and his message is simple: The impact of all of B2B customer access to information on traditional sales and marketing strategies is deeply surprising. It not only stands conventional commercial strategy on its head, it creates a world in which common sales and marketing techniques actually exacerbate the very problem they were designed to solve. In Brent’s keynote, he’ll take a journey through CEB’s latest customer research and cover:

  • Why traditional thought leadership strategies may be doomed to fail
  • How the supplier’s biggest competitor is, in fact, its own customers, and their ability to learn on their own
  • What new buyer behavior means to how marketing and sales should be engaging them — leading with Insight

What does that mean?

Traditional B2B marketing and sales have been focused on identifying and exploiting common customer pains or business goals. Adamson and The Challenger Sale research suggest that B2B buyers are further along in their process. They have already identified pains or goals and are in need of insight into business opportunities or pains that they haven’t considered yet. You have to challenge them with insight.

Want to see how buyers have changed the B2B marketing and sales game? There’s still time to register for InfluenceHR!

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