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The #InfluenceHR Social Media Policy

Over the course of one day, speakers at InfluenceHR will share marketing secrets with CEOs, CMOs, and customer-facing executives who market and sell to the HR buyer.

We embrace social media at InfluenceHR. We encourage you to share your experience at the event with the world. We also understand that some executives speaking or contributing at the conference may be less comfortable with sharing.

To that end, we have very minimal guidelines for social media coverage at InfluenceHR: 

  • Be polite and respectful. This covers all forms of interaction at the bar, in the hotel, and on all social media sites.
  • Attribution is required. Attendees are expected to be clear about who is saying what. Use quotation marks if you’re quoting someone. Attribute the comment or idea to the person who’s speaking. If you don’t know the name of the person speaking, ask the conference organizer.
  • Embrace the mystery. Please honor a speaker’s request and do not broadcast or share information designated as proprietary, confidential, or otherwise privileged.

That’s it. And if we have any issues with this, we’ll let you know and hopefully we can resolve it amicably. If not, we’ll take whatever action is needed to make sure people feel comfortable pulling back the curtains of marketing HCM for the day.

InfluenceHR is not your typical conference and we appreciate your help in keeping it a unique place to share and learn.

Let’s have some fun!