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Introducing the Lightpaper and the Learning Technology Brand Report

White papers are dead. Long live the Lightpaper!

Here at The Starr Conspiracy, we’re changing B2B marketing forever. One of the ways we do that best is by challenging the status quo and making changes where traditional marketing activities aren’t cutting it for enterprise software and services companies. 

Our latest venture into uncharted territory is the Lightpaper — a new B2B content marketing format for the digital age. The Lightpaper is an answer to a common concern in B2B marketing — content isn’t engaging audiences or driving leads as much as it used to.

The Lightpaper offers myriad benefits for B2B marketers — from increased visibility through SEO to innovative analytics options and mobile optimization. Within our first Lightpaper, you’ll find everything you need to know about the new format and how it can change the way you deliver your content. 

lightpaper-learning-brand-report-lp-thumb-1This week, we’ll be diving into our latest Lightpaper — “Learning Technology, The Brand Report, 2014”. You’ll learn which 12 brands dominate the learning landscape and why vendor satisfaction in learning is so low. Can’t wait? Check out the report now — it’s packed with primary research conducted by The Starr Conspiracy Intelligence Unit in partnership with Brandon Hall Group and Human Capital Institute.