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Learning Technology: See Inside the 2014 Brand Report


Marketing ROI has become synonymous with demand-generation results, while branding has become something of a lost art. But the ability to manage and measure brand is the key to grabbing recognition and recall — which is more important than ever in today’s buying landscape, where buyers are as much as 70 percent of the way through the buying journey before they reach out to vendors.

Here at The Starr Conspiracy, we put the spotlight back to brand in a big way — even as a driver of measurable demand generation. Enterprise learning is booming, so we took a brand snapshot to help vendors get a clear picture of where they stand. In conjunction with Brandon Hall Group and Human Capital Institute (HCI), we compiled the research in our most recent Lightpaper, “Learning Technology, The Brand Report, 2014.” As a follow up to our recent buyer-focused report, “The Enterprise Learning Buyer, 2014,” this report dives into the impact of brand on buyer recognition and recall. 

Which brands are “top of mind” among more than 200 vendors named by our survey participants? 12 learning technology vendors stood out. Find out which vendors are leading the pack, what the new 800-pound gorilla in the room — Skillsoft and SumTotal — means for the market, and what you can do with the opportunity to raise your brand game, no matter where you’re ranked.

Check out the report to learn more. Tomorrow, on the blog, we’ll be diving into some of the research and talking about how brand affects growth.