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New White Paper From the Tech Unit: Marketing Velocity and the 5 Keys to Making the Cash Register Ring

Screen_Shot_2014-05-13_at_2.22.11_PMWe can all agree that closing deals is the most important outcome of effective sales marketing. But how to drive better results eludes many organizations. The culprit in nearly every struggling sales marketing effort is a lack of velocity. 

Numbers don’t lie. Leads contacted within five minutes of marketing efforts close 78 percent of the time. Leads contacted after 30 minutes only close 3 percent of the time.

Although many companies are turning to technology to aid in sales marketing efforts, those solutions often complicate and slow down the sales process. Learn how to coordinate people, processes, and technology to achieve the only important metric in closing deals — velocity.

Brought to you by The Starr Conspiracy Tech Unit, this new white paper, “Marketing Velocity and the 5 Keys to Making the Cash Register Ring,” will help you unlock your sales marketing potential.