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#ShitBretSays — We Were Drinking Like 3rd Graders Last Night

3rd graders_1440x900

Do you remember #ShitBretSays? You might have missed it. That’s okay.

Turns out that our founder, Bret Starr, is full of bite-sized wisdom. We asked people who knew Bret well — friends, colleagues — (we didn’t ask his wife yet, but that may be the next evolution of #ShitBretSays) — and they gave us some gems from Bret’s mind.

So #ShitBretSays is kind of like Being John Malkovich only we’re not charging an entrance fee.

Instead, we’re giving you free goodies.

Every Tuesday, you can check back on The Starr Conspiracy Facebook page for the latest in the #ShitBretSays saga.

We’ll also be sharing downloadable backgrounds for your devices every Tuesday … starting with today.

Download this week’s #ShitBretSays background:

Is there a huge demographic of PC users out there who want in on the desktop background action? Leave the name of your device in the comments and we’ll figure something special out for you.

If you have any #ShitBretSays gems to share, send me a note at lizzie (at) thestarrconspiracy (dot) com.