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Reaching Your Audience: An Expert’s Take on Infographics


If you’re just checking in today, you should know that this week on the blog, we’re talking about infographics, how they are great, how they help with sales — there’s even a custom infographic on infographics.

Today we wanted to take it to an expert, so we went to our Creative Director, Brandon, to find out what makes infographics such a good idea when you’re trying to reach your target audience. So from an ad man’s perspective, here’s what makes them the greatest thing since the Internet:

  • They cut through the clutter. I don’t think I’m going to shock anyone when I tell you that the Internet is one crowded place. There’s even an infographic to tell you so. But infographics do an excellent job of giving those of us bombarded with thousands of messages more memorable, digestible information.
  • They meet customers where they are. Like a good man, good information is hard to find. Statistics, numbers, data points — it’s all too much for the typical Internet peruser to handle. But an infographic leaves an impression at a mere glance and helps even the most passive reader understand the information the creators want them to know.
  • They allow for catchy creative. There’s a good reason infographics work, and that is that they do what all good advertising does: They provide a framework for designers and writers to combine their imagery and words to tell a succinct story to the public.

So you think infographics should be incorporated into your campaign — what are the first steps? Check back tomorrow to find out!