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Three Must-Read Pieces For HCM Marketers To Start 2015 Off Right

This may be news to you but we’re already a week into 2015. Say what? Exactly! That was our reaction when we looked at the calendar, at least.

Still, you have time to catch up and pretend that you didn’t waltz into the new year unprepared. Your friends here at The Starr Conspiracy put together three things you can read to get you ready for what you’ll face in the coming 52 51 weeks. 

10 Predictions to Guide Your Talent Strategy for 2015

Want to know what HR leaders are going to be thinking and strategizing about this year? This must read from Bersin by Deloitte will give you the skinny on the top 10 trends Josh Bersin sees coming this year. It’s 55 pages long — hey, I didn’t promise it would be easy to catch up — but you can pick and choose the sections that are most relevant to you. Pay attention to those footnotes as well, as it can lead you down a rabbit hole of even more information. Put this one on your iPad or send it to your home email address so you can spend some time with it.

7 B2B Marketing Trends to Watch in 2015

Business 2 Community published this back in November but it’s relevant in the present. We really are bullish on a few of these trends — especially the rise of mobile in B2B marketing as well as personalization and segmentation — but the whole thing is worth a gander. I had to pull one excerpt from trend on content marketing that really resonated with me:

Not so long ago, we were educating clients on what content marketing was all about and why they should be doing it. Fast forward just a few short years and the great majority (86%) of B2B firms are using content marketing. In fact, according to the latest research from Content Marketing Institute, the majority of B2B firms plan to increase both their content marketing budgets and content volume in 2015.

9 Professional New Year’s Resolutions for Marketers

We’re not necessarily big resolution people here at The Starr Conspiracy, but we’re always up for improving ourselves. Our friends at HubSpot published some New Year’s resolutions that are worth taking a look at. Don’t be thrown off by that first one about mastering Excel — although, yes, you should definitely know Excel — but there are good ideas to take into 2015 that will make you a better marketer. Choose one, or choose them all. 

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Now that wasn’t so bad, was it? Shake off that week-after-the-new-year feeling and make 2015 a big one.