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3 Keys to Customers that LOVE Your B2B Brand

b2b customersSo you have this company that has this product or service. You probably have customers. You can sell with at least moderate efficacy. But do your customers love your B2B brand? Would they sing your theme song if you had one? Would they wear t-shirts with your logo or raise your brand up on a proverbial celebratory chair in a crowd?

Do they feel the way about your B2B brand that they feel about Baskin Robbins or Zappos? Do they look forward to making their next purchase from you? People are pattern-seeking creatures. We are social. We are always looking for relationships, even with brands. Research shows that the relationships people make with brands can be as real as the relationships people have with other humans.

You may not even want that to be true, but it is.

We have some pretty strong feelings about how those relationships are created and maintained — relationships between employees, customers, prospects and organizations. And within these walls, driving those relationships between B2B brands and all stakeholder groups is no mystery. We already have the keys.

It all starts with Drive

It starts with understanding your organization’s Drive. Why do your employees come into work every day? Why do your customers buy from you? Why do you exist? How is your organization trying to change the world? To understand more about Drive and how it can create meaningful relationships between brands, prospects, customers, and employees, check out this recorded webinar and presentation deck below:

Next comes the message

We believe you need to manage your organization’s message with even more rigor than you manage your brand. Your message is what customers, prospects, employees and potential employees will be connecting with — it’s your beacon.

At The Starr Conspiracy, our message manifesto is backed by primary research, our unique understanding of the marketplace, and continual testing. To learn more about what we believe your message should be doing for you, check out this deck from a TSC webinar and view the recording on YouTube here:

Manage your relationships

Take care of your customers. Do the right thing. Discover your brand archetype, Drive, and message and stay true to who you are. Check out a few blog posts we wrote this week on taking care of your customers as well: 3 ways to show your customers love, how to lose your customers in 3 steps, and testimonial mistakes your B2B brand might be making.