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This Week in the World: Customer Love, The New Resume Rules, and Why People Quit Apple

3 Ways to Show Your Customers Love in 2014

love customersHere at The Starr Conspiracy, we are just coming down from a Valentine’s Day sugar rush. Love is still in the air and we wanted to take a moment to talk about three ways you can show your customers love this year. Read the full post.

People Join Companies for the Brand, Quit Because of the Boss …

A recent hubbub at Apple has social media stirring — when a contractor felt he had to quit his dream job at Apple because of a bad boss, proving that — even at Apple — people quit for the managers. Read the full post on HR Capitalist.

The Less You Read, the More You Share?

sharingThe connection between minutes spent engaged with content and sharing of that content may not be exactly what you had in mind … check out the latest data on how actually reading content affects sharing. Read the full post on Marketing Land.

How to Lose Your Customers in 3 Easy Steps

You might not be ready for your own customer advocacy program, but take note of these three things that drive your customers away before they become costly mistakes. Read the full post.

Aon Study Shows Employee Engagement is Improving Somewhat

“In Aon Hewitt’s 2013 Trends in Global Employee Engagement report, a grim portrait of the post-recession business world emerges. Right in the introduction, better employee engagement is cited as the solution to our current ills.” Read the full post on Alexandra Levit’s Water Cooler Wisdom.

3 Testimonial Mistakes B2B Marketers Make

Here at The Starr Conspiracy, we have seen great results from including elements of “social proof” in B2B marketing — tactics like testimonials on landing pages, being able to see which of your Facebook friends have registered for an event you’re checking out, and more. Customer testimonials are one of the key elements to this year’s marketing Promise Land — customer advocacy. But many B2B marketers are still getting the formula for testimonials wrong. Read the full post.

The New Resume Rules — #Infographic

resume infographic

Everyone knows an ATS anecdotal horror story — someone who was the perfect fit for a job, but couldn’t make it through the robot gatekeepers. In a recent infographic from HireRight, get some tips for creating an ATS-friendly resume. Check out the infographic on the HR Bartender blog.

3 Keys to Customers that Love Your B2B Brand

We have some pretty strong feelings about how those relationships are created and maintained — relationships between employees, customers, prospects and organizations. And within these walls, driving those relationships between B2B brands and all stakeholder groups is no mystery. We already have the keys. Read the full post.