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3 Steps to Increase Conversions On Your Landing Pages

increase conversionsLanding pages are an important part of B2B marketing — 68% of B2B marketers utilizing landing pages for lead generation. This week, we’ve been talking about how to create effective landing pages that will positively affect your brand’s user experience.

Chances are, your content marketing assets (white papers, research, etc) are presented behind gated landing pages that meet the basic requirements — headline, copy, visuals, and a form for collecting data.

If you are exploring ways to increase conversions, you can start by making sure your landing pages are up to best practices.

There are seven key components of effective landing pages:

    1. Concise headline
    2. Effective visuals
    3. Unique value proposition
    4. Form
    5. Strong Call to Action
    6. Social proof (testimonials, quotes, or a hashtag for your event, product, or asset)
    7. Social sharing

If your landing pages use all of the tools in the landing page toolbox and you want to increase the number of conversions per asset, start with these three tips for landing page optimization:

  1. Shorter forms bring more conversions: In a recent Marketo study, conversion rates improved by 34 percent when the number of form fields was reduced from nine to five. What information do you really need to effectively follow up on inbound leads?

  2. Conversion paths: With a robust in-house content library, you can use conversion paths with your marketing or sales automation tool to lead people to more content they might enjoy. Aside from providing a positive experience for your users, conversion paths create rich data for your sales team to understand each prospect’s interest level and topics that keep them up at night.

  3. Progressive profiling: If you’re using a marketing or sales automation tool, you can use progressive profiling to keep forms short while building out the interest profiles of your individual prospects [see example below].

progressive profiling

Landing pages designed with the user in mind are better for everyone. If you want to change B2B marketing forever like we do, you are on the right track.

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