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4 B2B Social Media Case Studies Worth a Damn

You didn’t think we could find a compelling B2B social media presence, right? Right? Well, we didn’t. We found four. And that was only with a short time on the Interwebz.

It is possible for B2B companies to do something great with social media.

Whether you sell talent management software or cookies, the rules are clear: Social media requires greatness and creativity to get your brand seen by the masses. Guess what? That RSS feed of your blog posts you call a Twitter account didn’t make the list.

Here’s what did:


Cisco used games, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, videoconferencing, mobile and blogs to revamp their product launch strategy for the release of a new router. The launch through social media cut more than $100,000 from traditional launch expenses and had 90 times the attendance to the product launch event. Cisco received nearly three times as many press articles than resulted from traditional press outreach and won a Leading Lights Award for Best Marketing.

Read the full case study at Social Media Examiner.



LED manufacturer Cree used social media to garner awareness and promote the benefits of LED technology, rather than directly sell products. Their ongoing campaign, “Lighting the LED Revolution,” is an interactive social website where users submit their bad-lighting photos to win LED recessed downlights. Visitors are encouraged to “break their fluorescent shackles!”

Screen shot 2012-03-26 at 12.06.36 PM

Read the full case study on TopRank’s Online Marketing Blog.


Canadian supply chain management company Kinaxis launched a social media campaign to achieve high-reaching goals of doubling leads and Web traffic numbers. The results of their campaign were a 2.7 times increase in Web traffic and a 3.2 times increase in leads. The campaign included a video series called Suitemates, starring actors Kevin Pollak and Ray Wise. The series was called “the comedy series big ERP doesn’t want you to watch.” They also launched the Late Night Supply Chain Show and the 21st Century Supply Chain blog to complete the campaign.

Read the full case study by Arik Hanson.


Popular correction fluid brand Tipp-Ex understood that people don’t get excited about correction tape, even when they need it. Their strategy was to build a consumer relationship with the Tipp-Ex Pocket Mouse through a unique digital experience during the back-to-school shopping craze. They created an interactive YouTube experience that allows the user to “rewrite” the story by typing any action in the blank in the phrase “A Hunter _______ a Bear.” Within 36 hours, the video had gone viral and was viewed more than 35.5 million times on YouTube. The campaign had a virality rate of 500 percent. Tipp-Ex saw an increase of 30 percent in sales due to the campaign.

Hear from the creators of the ad on the Google Agency Blog



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