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This Week in the World: #InfluenceHR, Marketing Insights, and #YouAreFired

9 Marketing Insights to Drive Online Success in 2014

Responsive design, the renewed importance of brand, and smarter marketing metrics are all predictions for 2014 in “9 Marketing Insights to Drive Online Success in 2014” on Social Media Today. Read the post for the full list of 9.

A Recap of #InfluenceHR — One Day to Transform Your Marketing Strategy

When the inaugural InfluenceHR symposium launched in May, we were excited. When the doors closed on the event at the end of the day, we were abuzz with talks of a second event in October. And now, with the second InfluenceHR event of 2013 behind us, we wanted to recap what we learned. Read the recap on the blog.

#youarefiredThe Urge to Merge: Birds Do It, Bees Do It … You Can, Too!

You might have heard us urging you to break up with your agency lately. We’ve been telling you about some famous breakups that had surprisingly okay endings. We gave you a blueprint for writing the Dear John letter to break up with your agency once and for all. Now, we want to talk about the urge to merge — how mergers can play a role in breakups and vice versa. Check out the campaign on SlideShare or below.


Brand Journalism: A New World For B2B Content Marketers

Our very own Steve Smith shared something he’s passionate about with the InfluenceHR audience this week: Brand journalism. You can catch his slides on SlideShare if you missed the presentation) or read the latest accompanying ebook — 11 Tips for Building a Brand Newsroom.

When Did Advertising Become A Dirty Word?

“Being in advertising is nothing to be ashamed of.” AdPulp writer Dan Goldgeier talks about the changing perception of advertising in this inside view of the world of advertising on Talent Zoo.

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