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A Recap of #InfluenceHR — One Day to Transform Your Marketing Strategy


Happy Halloween!

Our team just got back from New York where we were proud to underwrite the second InfluenceHR symposium of 2013. After the inaugural event in May, we couldn’t wait for the second event to come around this week in New York. Once again, InfluenceHR was a great success for HR technology marketers across the country (and the globe) to get together and talk about what works, what doesn’t, and what’s coming. Read the recaps of each session below and let us know what you think of the event’s lineup, whether you attended or not.

Mike Volpe — ”Inbound Marketing — A Love Story”

Mike Volpe from HubSpot kicked off the conference talking about the power of inbound marketing. His main message? Use context to drive conversations and useful content. Make your emails mobile enabled, make your blog the most important industry publication, and give away more content until your prospects trust you.

Madeline Laurano — ”Debunking the Myth of the Analyst”

Madeline Laurano of Aberdeen Group took us through the types of analyst firms, the changing role of the analyst, and how to work with analysts effectively — including how to effectively prep for a briefing. In her keynote, “Debunking the Myth of the Analyst,” Madeline broke down pay for play models, analyst personae, and what makes a good analyst (below):

What makes a good analyst?

  • Relevant, fact-based research
  • Open to discussion
  • Knowledge of broad topics
  • Listens and learns
  • Understands the market
  • Adapts to change
  • Networks with companies
  • Passionate about HR technology
  • Process + technology

Susan Jackson, Charles Pooley, Joe Essenfeld, Adam Lewis, Cheryl Swirnow, and Mike Hard — “Entrepreneur Panel — Making the Market Shake Up and Down”

This rockstar panelist group of New York-based entrepreneurs told us about the importance of understanding your market before you hit the gas on marketing and the importance of developing altruistic relationships with the media as a startup.

Don MacPherson — ”Marketing on a Bootstrap Budget

Don MacPherson from Modern Survey spoke about how to market on a bootstrap budget. His key takeaways were to focus on which communication channels you can reasonably use and focus on getting the most out of your events budget by driving pre-show interest.

George LaRocque — “HR Technology and Marketing: Trends You Can’t Ignore”

George LaRocque from LAROCQUE Inc. (and organizer of InfluenceHR) presented on HR technology trends no vendor can afford to ignore, including contingent workforce trends, the consumerization of HR technology, and the importance of including the SMB.

Paul Hebert — “Everything You Already Know About Influence but Don’t Practice”

With an introduction like, “Paul Hebert is pretty important” from Cynical Girl influencer Laurie Ruettimann, Paul Hebert from Symbolist had everyone’s attention immediately. Paul shared the subconscious art of influence and how sales has changed from pushing and selling to collaborating, nudging, connecting and influencing. Paul says you need to master reciprocity, commitment and consistency, social proof, authority and “because” to master the power of influence.

Chip Luman — “Land and Expand: How Customer Success Drives Recurring Revenue and Reduces Customer Churn”

Agressively implementing the NPS and using customer success stories to drive their business is something video interviewing success story HireVue has done to reduce customer turnover. Read the tweets for more insight.

Mary Ellen Slayter, Mark Organ, Rob Catalano, and Carlos Gonzalez — “Marketing Panel — Continuing the Discussion: The Importance of Customer Advocacy in the HCM Market”

Mark Organ from Influitive (formerly of Eloqua) presented at May’s inaugural InfluenceHR symposium on the importance of customer advocacy. Back by popular demand with a team of killer panelists and moderated by Mary Ellen Slayter, Mark presented with Rob Catalano of Achievers and Carlos Gonzalez of Ceridian on the continuing importance of leveraging your customer base for your marketing initiatives.

Gretchen Alarcon — “The Networked Approach to Reaching the CHRO”

Gretchen Alarcon from Oracle talked about the CHRO persona and how to use it to craft messages and reach out effectively. The primary focus of your communications with CHRO’s should be on direct value as well as working with other purchasing influencers in the organization to win over consensus-driven decision makers.

Josh Schwede, Dan Black, Lorna Hagen and Mark Fogel — ”HR Buyer Panel — Break Through the Noise and Get Heard by HR”

This panel of customer-focused marketers talked about how to have a scalable, amazing solution that breaks through the noise for HR buyers while retaining a partnership with customers over just a sale.

Steve Smith — ”Building a ‘Brand’ Newsroom: How the Rules of Content Marketing are Shifting for Technology Companies”

Our very own Steve Smith closed out the day with his thoughts on building a brand newsroom and the continued importance of content marketing. Instead of giving you a recap, you can view his presentation and the coordinating ebook below to catch up on what you missed.



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