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Company Culture is a Breathing, Growing Thing (And So Are You)

The Starr Conspiracy is growing at a seriously rapid pace.

Seriously, if you have hopes of joining The Conspiracy, now might be your chance.

It’s interesting to watch the culture transform a little bit with each new agent. It’s becoming clear that cultures are made by people (duh) and that they breathe and take on the traits of all the people within the company.

At the recent SHRM Annual Conference in Atlanta, I got asked a lot of questions about our culture. “How awesome, scale of 1 to 10, is it to work there?” was a popular one. I was also asked to describe our culture quite a few times.

It’s becoming increasingly hard to describe the culture of TSC because as we have added new faces, the culture has gotten more complex. Furthermore, in the midst of all of this growth, I would be silly to expect my take on our culture to be the same as everyone else’s.

I’m no expert on culture, but I can tell you what I see staying consistent in ours:

  • Benefits: The Starr Conspiracy has killer benefits. From 100% employer-covered healthcare to unlimited PTO, I have never even heard of another company matching or exceeding our benefits package.
  • Casual culture: I seriously question my ability to work for any company that does not allow, nay, promote! a jeans-friendly work environment. Nobody ever did their best work in “slacks.” Just sayin’.
  • Autonomy and respect: In my world, so far, there is an unmatched amount of trust, autonomy and respect within TSC. You are trusted with the projects you are assigned and you are welcome to contribute in a lot of different areas within the company.
  • A certain degree of transparency: From the open office environment to the accessibility of the leadership team, the company can be pretty transparent if you are involved and ask questions.
  • Great team members: Even as new hires come on board who might differ from the old culture, without a doubt, an agent of The Starr Conspiracy is: sharp, hard-working, can party with the best of ’em and creative.


Some of us are organized, some of us are wild cards, but all of us contribute to a laid-back, but roll-up-your-sleeves culture that has led to some seriously cool results and a place where we all like coming into work.

As companies grow and cultures morph and grow, one thing is clear to me:

You determine your experience with your company’s culture.

It’s not some defined thing that stays the same. Culture breathes and moves, it takes on new shapes with each new team member, and it grows and matures. Shouldn’t you?