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E-book: An Introduction to the Employee Net Promoter Score

enpsEmployee engagement has a proven, positive impact on the bottom line. Yet only 30 percent of the workforce is actively engaged. There’s obviously a disconnect — most organizations don’t know how to create a meaningful culture of engagement, but they know they need to do it.

If your organization doesn’t have a strategy for engagement, you might be in a common position of building engagement on the backs of your high performers. But your high achievers might be less engaged than you think. 1 in 3 high performers admit to not putting in full effort and 4 in 10 high performers have little confidence in their coworkers or leadership.

Without a metric to identify how your employees really feel about your organization — which are your most ardent supporters, which are on the fence, and which are most likely to bash you on Facebook or at the local bar — you’re left to assume your highest performers are also your greatest promoters.

But what if you could identify real supporters from your employee ranks in an efficient, even easy, way? That’s what you’ll learn to do in the latest e-book from The Starr Conspiracy Intelligence Unit, “The Ultimate Question to Ask Your Employees: An Introduction to the Employee Net Promoter Score.”

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