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This Week in the World: Inside the Employee Net Promoter Score, SAP and Workday, and Content Marketing for HCM

Big Moves at SAP and Workday Highlight a Big First Quarter in HCM

We know the end of the first quarter of 2014 is still three weeks away but given how much has happened in the last two months, you can’t blame us for thinking we’ve got more than enough new deals to chew on. Last week, The Starr Conspiracy Intelligence Unit dropped two industry bulletins on Workday and SAP’s latest. Read the full post.

10 Best Practices to Help Truly Inspire Employees

Bob Burbidge shares 10 best practices he wish he knew earlier in this quick read from The post includes best practices like pay your employees well, learn from those you employ, and start — and stick with — traditions. Read the full post to see all 10 tips.

8 Resources for HCM Vendors to Find Quality Content

HCM Vendors: We get you. We really do. We didn’t accumulate more than a decade of experience working with HCM vendors without throwing ourselves head first into the issues your particular breed of B2B marketers face … we know what keeps you up at night and we know the full extent of the mountains you’re asked to move. Read the full post.

Five Ways to Manage Your Content and Maximize Your Influence

I am going to judge you if you have a poor strategy when creating content for somebody else, on their platform, for free, and all you hope to get from it is name recognition. The face of content is changing on the web but don’t be stupid about it. Here are five tips to make the most out of your digital content presence. Read the full post on Lance Haun’s blog to learn more.

6 Keys to PR and Earned Media Coverage for HCM Brands

Earned media is the most difficult of the three genres of promotional coverage for most organizations. To understand the difference between the three types — owned, earned, and paid media — and how you can maximize the earned media coverage your brand gets, read the full post.

Workplace Flexibility As a Retention Strategy: An Infographic

Companies that want to win the war for talent can’t simply focus on their hiring strategy. Sure, it’s important to hire the right people. But retaining them is equally important. The last thing any business wants is to spend lots of time and money hiring someone, only to have them leave after a few months. This infographic from Plantronics and ColumnFive Media has some very interesting statistics about offering flexibility as a retention strategy. Read the full post on HR Bartender to learn more and view the infographic.

E-book: An Introduction to the Employee Net Promoter Score


Employee engagement has a proven, positive impact on the bottom line. Yet only 30 percent of the workforce is actively engaged. There’s obviously a disconnect — most organizations don’t know how to create a meaningful culture of engagement, but they know they need to do it. Check out the latest e-book to learn how 2014 can be the year you make a serious impact on engagement within your organization. Read the full post.

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