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Go Beyond Marketing and Advertising with The Starr Conspiracy Tech Unit

tsctu-webinarThe Starr Conspiracy’s unique method of disruptive marketing and advertising was bound to do more than change B2B marketing forever. Surprisingly, we found it changed us as well. The very same divergent path where we guide our clients in the enterprise software and services industry to successful branding and product campaigns has led us to the realization that our knowledge and expertise is being underutilized.

Our ability to see and overcome shortcomings and pain points in the enterprise software and services industry has led to the formation of The Starr Conspiracy Tech Unit.

Our clients choose us as their B2B marketing and advertising agency because of our vast expertise and insights into this industry. And because we know what the buyers want, we’ve decided to apply that knowledge to solving some of our clients’ most-pressing issues — helping to manage sales and marketing technology stacks, building custom mobile software, and developing technology-enabled marketing strategies.

Sound a little bold to you? Absolutely. But we walk through the door armed to the teeth with unparalleled expertise. Sure we’ll continue to provide an unmatched ability to develop brands and product strategies and take them to market. But now, our new Tech Unit will fill in some of the gaps in software development and help to guide clients to the best technology solutions.

The new Tech Unit delivers game-changing services that include:

  • Marketing and Sales Technology Management The Starr Conspiracy Tech Unit implements and manages a wide range of cloud-based sales and marketing technologies on a turnkey basis, including multiple flavors of marketing automation, sales force automation, social media, and analytics solutions.
  • Agile Outsourced Product Development The Tech Unit offers comprehensive mobile application development, mobile overlay development, legacy software conversion, globalization and localization services, quality assurance testing, and UI design.
  • Marketing Application Development From responsive Web development to interactive marketing campaign assets such as games and immersive Web experiences, the Tech Unit lends development savvy to world-class campaign strategy and execution.

In a fast-paced and thriving industry where speed is the key to product and brand launches, companies cannot afford to be slowed down by the challenges of managing their own sales and marketing technology or their inability to deploy software quickly enough or to tap into all of the technology’s potential. That’s where The Starr Conspiracy’s Tech Unit comes in.

So, yes, we will become much more than marketing and advertising experts in the industry. We know the buyer better than anyone, and we’ll be applying that knowledge to building these new solutions and services, disrupting the environment in which we live. Our Tech Unit will bridge the gap between product development and market promotion. We believe our clients will be better served integrating these two processes with one partner — The Starr Conspiracy Tech Unit. If you’re ready to partner with our Tech Unit, contact us.

Want more information? Register for tomorrow’s introductory webinar to meet The Starr Conspiracy Tech Unit.