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This Week in the World: Introducing the TSC Tech Unit, Ceridian and Dayforce, and Employer Branding


Introducing The Starr Conspiracy Tech Unit

The Starr Conspiracy is pleased to announce that after more than a decade of delivering ad hoc technology solutions to enterprise software companies, we have officially launched The Starr Conspiracy Tech Unit. The Tech Unit has formalized delivery of critical technology solutions for marketing, sales, and product development. Read the blog post to learn more or register now.

With a True HCM Platform in the Cloud, Will Ceridian Now Make a Play for Larger Customers?

In late 2012, Ceridian made a bold move. The company announced that it was sunsetting its existing HCM and payroll technology and moving 100 percent to the cloud via its newly acquired Dayforce HCM product. This is the kind of strategic move that is clearly the best thing for your customer and your business in the long term, but is so disruptive and expensive in the short term that most vendors fail to do it. How is Ceridian starting to reap the benefits of the Dayforce acquisition of 2012? Find out now in the latest industry brief from The Starr Conspiracy Intelligence Unit. Read the brief now.

HREvolution 2014 Announced — Dallas 11/7-11/8

The Starr Conspiracy has been a supporter of HRevolution for several years — and we are excited to see the event is coming to Dallas this November. HRevolution is an industry-changing event for the HR industry that began as a single tweet. The event aims to bring HR professionals, recruiters, CEOs and other industry leaders together to discuss the state of HR and where the industry is headed. Read the full post on HR Ringleader by Trish McFarlane for more information and tickets.

How You Can Use Instagram to Support Your Employer Brand

With 150 million active users, Instagram can provide a powerful tool for your organization to attract potential talent. Whether you have a full blown strategy developed for your employment brand or you’re trying new things as you go, Instagram can play a role in supporting your acquisition efforts. With the use of a select group of filters and a square photo format, you can give potential talent a great “feel” for your organization’s culture and what it’s like to work within your walls alongside your team. Read the full post.

How Google Determines Where to Rank Your Website [INFOGRAPHIC]

Have you ever wondered why certain websites rank higher than others? Or why your website doesn’t rank as high as your competitor’s? A lot of it has to do with Google’s algorithm. It looks at over 200 ranking factors when determining where to rank a site. As you already know, these ranking factors aren’t easy to understand, which makes it difficult for you to figure out how to adjust your site to maximize your rankings. Read the full post on QuickSprout to view the infographic.

5 Unconventional Tips for Building Your Employer Brand

Ideally, your organization would have a holistic employer branding strategy together that ties in your corporate recruiting efforts, social media, and content marketing initiatives. But we know that every organization is at a different place on the employer branding spectrum — some organizations have just wanted to hit the ground running and adjust their strategy as they go while others are still waiting for inspiration on how to get started. That’s why we put together this list of 5 unconventional employer branding tips that you can apply at any stage of your employer branding program. Read the full post.

The Case for Content Automation

Recently, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) said it’s developing metrics and definitions for what used to be an intangible concept: engagement. The IAB is, in a sense, trying to automate consumer engagement. At the next level is content automation. Like marketing automation before it, content automation is about to take center stage. It’s a new concept, and, like marketing automation in its early days, admittedly hard to imagine. Read the full post on MarketingLand.


The Easiest Way to Ruin Your Employer Brand: Stock Photos

Stock photography done right can be a great resource for your organization — a talented creative team can digitally manipulate and edit stock photos to be something totally unique and memorable for your marketing materials, website, etc. But when it comes to your employer brand, stock photography just doesn’t cut it. Read the full post.

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