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How B2B Social Media has Changed Brand Building

conversation-prismHere at Starr Conspiracy HQ, we talk a lot about the shift in focus between brand awareness and lead generation (or, often, brand awareness vs. lead generation).

This is a big deal these days. Social media has changed and continues changing the way brands interact with their audiences and the link between brand building and lead generation is becoming clearer and clearer.

In a conversational and social world where consumer decisions are trending toward being based on intangibles and business decisions are heading that direction as well … it’s clear that if you have ignored social media so far, your brand building efforts are likely suffering.

In a recent study (the report is called How Social Media is Changing Brand Building) — Forrester surveyed marketing leaders across B2C and B2B departments and came out with the following answers:

  • 93% of marketers believe brand building strategies need to be reinvented as a result of digital innovations like social and mobile.
  • Social media is second only to search on the impact of new technology on brand building strategies (in both B2C and B2B).
  • 1 in 5 CMOs said they are personally accountable for social efforts.
  • Marketers agreed social media is only second to their website in terms of having the biggest impact on branding efforts.

B2C brands have seen social’s ability to (1) build trust (2) differentiate through emotional connection (3) nurture loyal fans/customers.

It’s about time B2B got with it, don’t you think?

There is no shortage of excuses in the B2B marketing world and social media is no exception.

It’s no secret that B2B marketers often are some combination of not ready, not willing and/or not able to jump on the latest marketing trends.

Even in the study from Forrester, we see that B2B responses are very different from the B2C responses.

If you’re one of the many B2B marketing pros afraid to take the next step in social media, don’t be. There are blueprints for success. Others have forged the path before you. You’re not alone.

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