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How Your Message Can Change Your Company’s Destiny

manifesto imageYour message is the most important element in your marketing universe. Period.

As the newly released Message Manifesto from The Starr Conspiracy puts it: Your message “personifies your business strategy, defines your market position and declares your differentiation.” Every other marketing element comes from your message … and matters less.

Yet most messages slip right past us, barely a blip on the radar. The reasons are many. Some brand messages aren’t driven by a business strategy. Others fail to connect on an emotional level. Sometimes, the company never believed the message in the first place. So why should the market believe it?

Download a complimentary copy of The Message Manifesto now. It succinctly and unwaveringly defines the steps that lead to a message that is “bold, compelling and polarizing.” Which are good things. Developing a great message requires:

  • A clearly defined strategy
  • Real research
  • Development that includes experimentation
  • Validation in the marketplace
  • Enablement of the message among stakeholders
  • Analytics to evaluate its impact

That’s for starters. Then you need to manage your message with “even more rigor and discipline” than you manage your brand. The Message Manifesto has proven strategies for that, too.

After all, The Starr Conspiracy is a strategic marketing and advertising agency devoted exclusively to enterprise software and services. When you partner with us, we work to build market share, multiply brand awareness and drive sales leads — not to bone up on the basics.

We know our stuff. We’ve been “out there” for more than a decade, so we can hit the ground running. For example, developing a killer marketing message that’s going to change your company’s destiny.

Download Your Complimentary Copy of The Message Manifesto Now!