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Treat Your Message Development Like a Business Decision

manifesto imageToday, you need to download our Message Manifesto. It’s going to change the way you think about your company’s message.

The reason we put manifestos together is not to yell at you from a street corner, spouting gibberish and marketing buzzwords. We write manifestos so you understand how important marketing is to your business.

Message is core to your business’s identity. Think about some of the heavy lifting your company does with many business decisions:

  • Before acquiring a company, you do a full analysis of the target company’s financials and resources.
  • If you’re going to expand into a new market, you do field research and market testing before going all in.
  • When you switch suppliers, you make sure the change won’t disrupt production or hurt the rest of the supply chain.

Experts and analysts spend lots of time and energy on these business decisions. But it’s likely your company’s message was developed in one afternoon with people kumbayaing around a trust fire.

That’s no way to do business. Download the Message Manifesto now.

When you read the Manifesto, you’ll see that message should be developed with strategy, research, experimentation, validation, enablement and analytics. And when you do it right, your message flows through your visual identity, product development and employer branding.

Download the Message Manifesto and find out if your company has been treating its message development like a business decision or a junior high sleepover. If it’s the latter, you know you’ve got some work to do. And the Manifesto can get you started.