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English: USSR stamp, Mahatma Gandhi, 1969, 6 k...A reader needs some advice.

I feel as though I need a mentor. I have no idea where to find one. I know that my direct supervisor should be a pretty good resource. She is not. My supervisor does as she is told. Everything is reactionary — not proactive. There has never been any effort by the company to make her a good boss.

I am sure that we are not the only company with this problem. I am not the only person without a proper mentor. My problem is that no one here is teaching me a darn thing! The more I read about my future career, the more I am scared out of my mind. In an effort to make things better, I signed up for continuing education classes on my own dime. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Most supervisors are not mentors. They are bosses. They tell you what to do based on what they’ve been told to do. Everyone gets a paycheck. Can your boss ever be your mentor? Maybe — but I want you to dream bigger.

I think the idea of going back to school is fabulous. You will meet teachers and faculty members who will help you throughout your career. You will also meet students who will become part of a bigger network of resources. You won’t be in this alone. You’ll have comrades in arms!

Finally, you should know that mentors are great, but they are not omniscient people who emerge out of the fog to solve your problems. I like the idea of inserting yourself into challenging problems, improve your education and strengthen your confidence. Then go be a mentor to someone in your industry.

Just pay it forward, okay?

That’s how the world works. And that’s what we try to do at The Starr Conspiracy.

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