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Our Culture: What The Starr Conspiracy Is Like””

I realize that The Starr Conspiracy is very secretive.

If you haven’t run into any of our agents at events like ERE, TLNT Transform or HR Tech, you might be wondering what our deal is … and why we are the way we are.

Obviously, I can’t tell you that. Not because I’m not allowed, but because our agency has a lot of complexities and nuance that make our office one of the best places to work.

Instead, in a minute or less, I can give you a glimpse of what our culture is like, to me. Cool?

FIRST, we’re all geeks. You should know this off the bat. We’re a bunch of nerds who love cats, Star Wars and HR.


SECOND, we are secret agents.

Sean Connery as James Bond

THIRD, we can be a little bit unruly and we have broken the laws of physics and man.


FOURTH, we’re mostly badass.

Grind House (Death Proof)

FIFTH, we are cool under pressure. Like, extreme pressure.


SIXTH, we are quirky and mysterious. Like Dustin Hoffman and Dali, we’ve got a mix of performer, entertainer, creative genius and weirdness going on that might throw you initially.


SEVENTH, we are ready.


EIGHTH, commanding.


NINTH, but probably first – we are honest. We are in an unyielding pursuit of the truth … for your sake, and for ours.


Well, now I’ve said too much.

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