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This Week in the World: B2B Infographics, Best Companies to Work For, and the ROI of Top Performers

4 Ways to Keep Infographics Relevant for B2B in 2014

Are infographics reaching the peak of their performance for B2B marketing? Not even close. Check out these tips to get the most out of your B2B infographics in 2014. Read the full post.

fortune 100Rapid Growth and Great Workplaces

With the 2014 FORTUNE 100 Best Companies to Work For announcement just days away, Great Place to Work CEO China Gorman shared a sneak peek from the upcoming 2014 100 Best Companies Trends white paper, including highlights from one of the most prominent trends from the year — growth. Read the full post.

6 Steps to Highly Productive Meetings

Use these tips to have more productive meetings — such as reconsider your regularly scheduled meetings and have a focused agenda — in 2014. Read the full post.

LAROCQUE’S Five Recruiting Trends for 2014

Check out these top five recruiting trends from HCM mover and shaker (and friend of The Starr Conspiracy) George LaRocque on Blogging4Jobs. George’s post is one in a series of recruiting trends this week on Blogging4Jobs. Read the full post.

How to Keep Your Top Talent: The Importance of the eNPS

The employee Net Promoter Score (or eNPS) takes the idea of the NPS for customers and applies it to your team’s level of engagement. To understand how the eNPS can affect your ability to keep your top talent, read the full post.

How to Calculate the Dollar Value of a High-Performing Employee

This week on TLNT, Dr. John Sullivan gave the perspective that, while we have the ability to know exactly what actors and professional athletes are worth, HR in corporate America has not yet come up with a credible method for quantifying the “performance differential” between an average employee and a top performer in the same job. He offers a seven step process for calculating the top-performer multiplier. Read the full post.

7 Employee Perks at Top Tech Companies — an #Infographic

Check out what these top tech companies offer their employees to keep them engaged in this infographic from AllTwitter and Who Is Hosting This? Read the full post.

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