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This Week In The World: #HRTechConf, Robots, and B2B Content Marketing

7 Examples of Innovative B2B Content Marketing

We are big fans of the new wave of thought leadership and content marketing — a mix of socialized written and visual content that has the potential to make your customers and social audiences sing. Check out these 7 examples of innovative B2B content marketing and see if your creativity gets sparked in a major way.

When The Robots Realize What They Don’t Know

Steve Boese claims to feel another “robot kick” coming on — and the good news is, we love robots here at The Starr Conspiracy. We believe the robot uprising is coming. You can call us crazy all you want, but these tinfoil hats are not only protecting our valuable brain matter, but also helping us stay fashionable and up-to-date on fashion trends. Researchers and scientists at MIT have taken robots with pre-programmed tasks to complete and given them the ability to interpret where and when it needs assistance to carry out an assigned task — as well as how to ask for help from a human. Read more about the robot uprising here.

How Online Personalization Can Create Compelling Customer Experiences And Build A Better Business

Marketers today are overwhelmed by the amount of data they collect — and even more aren’t sure what to do with it. In a recent study, 94 percent of marketers claimed to know how valuable personalization is, but 95% of them seem to be stuck in what KISSmetrics calls “analysis paralysis.” Check out the write up with some examples of online personalization done right.

What Does A Twitter IPO Mean For Users

Twitter filed for IPO last week — and the big question remains: How will the IPO affect the user experience. This brief writeup in SocialTimes makes the case that Twitter is expected to balance user satisfaction with shareholder expectations and that not much is likely to change.

Are You Ready To Take Over #HRTechConf?

Don’t be caught with boxes full of stress balls at the annual HR Technology Conference & Exposition. Put these tools in your toolchest and make the most out of HR Tech this year. We’ve gathered our latest HR Tech vendor manual, a free 2-hour strategic planning session and an invite to the party of the year (trust us) with Virgin HealthMiles, powered by The Starr Conspiracy in one digest that will ensure you leave HR Tech with more than a hangover.